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November 28, 2009

Meditation on Love and Compassion are very powerful practices.Buddha defeated a gang of demons just before enlightenment, who tried to distract him from the path. But the moment he meditates on love and compassion, every bow and arrow, etc were turned into shower of flowers. It is said that meditation on love and compassion even for a moment far exceeds the merits accumulated through making infinite offerings to infinite buddhas.This is because (more…)



November 25, 2009

Although the practice of aspirational bodhichitta alone is very powerful virtuous action, but to achieve buddhahood that alone is not sufficient. You have to engage in the practice of the six perfection and others(action bodhichitta).
The book”The way to the freedom” by His Holliness the XIVth Dalai Lama states,” The buddha himself said that by the force of their wisdom, bodhisattvas abandon all the delusions, but by the force of their compassionate method they never abandon sentient beings. (more…)


November 23, 2009

Before when I was a lay person, I do not have any understanding or knowledge about real Buddhism. I think that praying and visiting holy places are enough. But, when I came to Institute of Buddhist Dialectics to study Buddhism and became a monk after a year, I had a feeling that it is not as easy as I use to think of. And after 8 years, Now I think that if we practice it in right way it is not as difficult as we think. I clearly remember that (more…)

Biography of Geshe Damchoe Gyaltsen, Director of IBD Dharamsala.

November 23, 2009
Director of IBD


In 1934, in the small town of Gowo Rongpay Ghongwa, situated at the southeastern Kham province of the cool climatic country The Land of Snow was born a child named Dhamchoe Gyaltsen. He is the middle son the five children begotten by his father Kelsang Phuntsok and mother Kelsang Wangdron of the Norgo Phatha Tsang family. Until the age of five, he stayed at home and memorized verses of prayers, rites and rituals.

In 1939 he entered the sangha commune of their regional Samdrup Goensar Thupten Nyingshar ling monastery. There the monastery arranged Master Palden Choephel and Master Palden Dhargyal as his senior and junior house tutors respectively; (more…)


November 23, 2009

To lift your spirit I would like readers to know that though there is nothing good about sin, but it has a quality that is it can be purify.So, how?It is by 4 antidotes.
1. Power of regret. Reflect upon the consequences of those misdeeds you committed by any methods for a while.Then from the depths of your heart develop a very deep sense of regret for your actions which if left as it is can let you sufffer endlessly in samsara.
2. Power of purification. Reciting , memorizing and reading sutras, meditating on emptiness, reciting mantras, making images of buddhas and most importantly try to generate bodhichitta. (more…)

Death and Impermanence

November 23, 2009

No one knows wheather tommorrow or Death comes first. It is not sure that old are going to die first. That is why we should hope for the best and prepared for the worst. When the time comes we are left with regret. We need to engage in practice right now so that no matter how soon death comes, we will be prepared.
Shantideva says that in this life we have the (more…)

points from the book”The way to the freedom”by HH the XIVth Dalai Lama

November 22, 2009

*The Obstacles to omniscience are the imprints left by such delusions as desire, anger, pride and ignorance.When the delusions like anger is present we loose control,thus creating a new karma to be born in samsara.So it is only through practice that we will be free from cycle of death and rebirth, not by mere prayer.Keep patience, greater respect for others, then gradually our pride and conciet diminish.
*Je Tsonkhapa says” The disease like leprosy cannot be get rid of by taking medicine once or twice.we should take the medicines contineously. In the same way, our minds have been under the constant grip of delusion since (more…)