points from the book”The way to the freedom”by HH the XIVth Dalai Lama

*The Obstacles to omniscience are the imprints left by such delusions as desire, anger, pride and ignorance.When the delusions like anger is present we loose control,thus creating a new karma to be born in samsara.So it is only through practice that we will be free from cycle of death and rebirth, not by mere prayer.Keep patience, greater respect for others, then gradually our pride and conciet diminish.
*Je Tsonkhapa says” The disease like leprosy cannot be get rid of by taking medicine once or twice.we should take the medicines contineously. In the same way, our minds have been under the constant grip of delusion since beginningless time. How can we expect to free ourself, simply by undertaking practice once or twice? How can we expect to cure illness by simply reading a medical text?”
About Human Body.
Shantideva says,”Having achieved such a precious human form, i would be stupid not to meditate and accumulate virtues. If out of laziness i still postpone practices, then at the time of death, i will be seize by great remorse and concern for suffering. I will undergo in lowest form of existence. If we meditate on the rarity of the circumstances, we can cultivate a similar motivation that great masters like Milarepa had obtained.
The numbers of animals and insects or any types of lowest forms of existence is far more greater than human. Even within the human life, one whose life is endowed with the leisure and opportunity to practices the dharma is really very rare. If you understand the importance of this precious human life, then all the other realization will come naturally.

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