Before when I was a lay person, I do not have any understanding or knowledge about real Buddhism. I think that praying and visiting holy places are enough. But, when I came to Institute of Buddhist Dialectics to study Buddhism and became a monk after a year, I had a feeling that it is not as easy as I use to think of. And after 8 years, Now I think that if we practice it in right way it is not as difficult as we think. I clearly remember that when I read that the moment you develop bodhichitta, you will be able to purify negatives very easily and be able to fulfill your aims of complete freedom as you will encounetr favourable circumstances that are necessary for making speedy progress on the path. Even giving few rice to bird will generate more merits than offering world full of gold and silvers to triple gems. It didn’t fit in my mind. I wondered how can it be possible, just think of gold and few rice, there are huge difference. But when our precious teachers took us through bodhichitta lessons, Then I realized that it can be possible. When we offer or give something, if it is motivated by the bodhichitta-to be free from suffering for the sake of all sentient beings, the motivation is so strong and unimaginable that the virtue became endless. That bodhichitta- which you will practice must be prctice whole heartedly with its all causes and conditions included. The causes are seeing whole sentient beings as your mother of this lifetime because there is no end and beginning to our life and we can’t say that she never was my mother in previous lifetimes. Reminding your self of their kindness and wish to repay them. Love and Compassion to all beings. A sense of responsibility that you will take the responsibility for the enlightenment of all beings. And a preparatory bodhichitta, which after medtating for a long period it will transformed into real bodhichitta.
So stop just reading and thinking of doing it later, do a bit every now an then and you will see the difference in your heart later on. Don’t expect results quickly. Because we have been a very good practitioner of ignorance for such a long time that easy results are nonsense.

seed of buddhahood


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