Death and Impermanence

No one knows wheather tommorrow or Death comes first. It is not sure that old are going to die first. That is why we should hope for the best and prepared for the worst. When the time comes we are left with regret. We need to engage in practice right now so that no matter how soon death comes, we will be prepared.
Shantideva says that in this life we have the opportunity, we have the responsibility and we have the ability to decide and determine what our future lives will be, we shall from our minds so that our lives willnot be wasted not even for a month or aday and prepared for the moment of death.
Best teacher is meditation on impermanence because the basis of all suffering is impermanence.It is said that if we did not have a proper awareness of death, we will die in the grip of fear and regret.That feeling can send us into the lower realms. Many people avoid speaking about death, when the death comes they are taken by surprise and totally unprepared.
A practitioner of dharma thinks daily about death, reflects upon the suffering of human beings, the suffering at the time of birth, ageing, of sickness and of death.It is like mentally dying once everyday because of the familarity with it,they are well prepared to meet death at any time.
The advantage of being aware of death is that it makes life meaningful and feeling delight when the time approaches, you will die without any regrets.
Milarepa states,” since sooner or later, you have to leave everything behind, why not give it up right now”?
Also scriptures states,”half of ones life is spent in sleep, for ten years we are old and the time in between is tormented by worries, sorrow, suffering and depression.So there is hardly any time for the practice of dharma, we will find only five years that we can devote to the serious practices of dharma.If we do not make adelibrate effort to undertake the practice of the dhamabut instead lives as normally we do, we are certain to spend our lives in idleness without purpose.
A time for practicing dharma does not come naturally but has to be set a side deliberately.
(Above are taken from the book”The way to Freedom”)



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