To lift your spirit I would like readers to know that though there is nothing good about sin, but it has a quality that is it can be purify.So, how?It is by 4 antidotes.
1. Power of regret. Reflect upon the consequences of those misdeeds you committed by any methods for a while.Then from the depths of your heart develop a very deep sense of regret for your actions which if left as it is can let you sufffer endlessly in samsara.
2. Power of purification. Reciting , memorizing and reading sutras, meditating on emptiness, reciting mantras, making images of buddhas and most importantly try to generate bodhichitta. Do it until you see a sign of purification like having dreams of vomiting, drinking milk or curd, seeing sun and moon in dreams, dreaming of flying or of fires, or overpowering buffaloes or people with black coats, dreaming about monks and nuns, dreaming about climbing hills and dreaming of listening to teachings.But do not be satisfied with it.And do not attach to these dreams as if it may become obstacles to your practice.
3. Power of resolve not to engage in future. If you generate a resolve or restrain yourself from committing the ten negative actions, you will not engage in non-virtous action. If you put extraordinary effort in this then your purification will be far more effective.
4. And lastly develop a wish to become enlightened for the sake of all mother beings and taking refuge under guru and triple gems.
If you do not purify your negative actions then it will not produce undesirable results of suffering but also it will multiply very easily and the cycle of samsara will continue for ever.So my friends donot just jump in tantra a quickest path but first you must have a good vessel and a good base.Sutra and tantra must go like a stair.

Written as a simple explanation for the people who are afraid of sins commited but doesn’t know how to purify.


purification of sin

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