Although the practice of aspirational bodhichitta alone is very powerful virtuous action, but to achieve buddhahood that alone is not sufficient. You have to engage in the practice of the six perfection and others(action bodhichitta).
The book”The way to the freedom” by His Holliness the XIVth Dalai Lama states,” The buddha himself said that by the force of their wisdom, bodhisattvas abandon all the delusions, but by the force of their compassionate method they never abandon sentient beings. The entire practice of Bodhisattva is classified under the 6 perfections, which are generosity, ethics, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom.
1) Generosity:- Its an attitude of willingness to give away, without a touch of miserliness, your own possession, body, virtues and so forth for others benefits. Your attitude should not be influenced by a wish for reward or fame or the hope of receiving something in return. After giving something you should never regret having parted with that possession. You should never postpone giving something away or wait for other person to do something good.( Once His Holliness told us during a teaching that in sutras it is said that if a person is so attached of ones possession and never gives a penny to others. For such persons to practice the generosity is from the very first level, that is first to pass a possession form right hand to left hand, then later thinking that i have given this to them on mentally, Then gradually when shows the sign of progress then start giving cheapest things to others. And later on more valuable and even your virtuous actions and body.)
2. Ethics:- Its a state of mind that abstains from engaging in any situation or event that would prove harmful to others.
3. Patience:- A state of mind that forbears in the face of harms inflicted by others. When some one harms you, you should not loose your temper and retaliate, but realize that the other person does not have any control over his or her negative emotions.Instead develop love and compassion towards them.( In our 3rd lessons from the madhyamaka texts it states that anger generated towards others will destroy merits accumulated form hundreds of kalpas or aeons.Just like a broken pot our goal of freedom form samsara will never be fulfilled until we deal with this anger, which destroys what we accumulated after lots of hardships.)
4. Effort:- A state of mind that delights in virtuous actions. It serves as the foundation for practices by which we avoid falling into lower realms of existence.It is a forerunner of all virtuous actions.With effort your practices will be successful, because you will not discourage easily. Efforts are the antidote of 3 types of laziness.Firstly, laziness of indolence, which is the wish to postpone what you have to do. Secondly, the laziness of inferiority, which is sense of not being able to do something. Thirdly, the laziness that is attachment to negative actions or putting great efforts in non-virtuous actions.
5. Concentration:- A mental state of focusing single pointedly on a virtuous object.(Through this your distracted mind will unify in one way and the meditation will be very powerful. The object of concentration can be statue of buddha or your breathing, but bodhichitta will be perfect for accumulating tons of merits, even your concentration is not so good).
6. Wisdom:- To achieve enlightenment you must have wisdom realizing emptiness with bodhichitta.we will discuss wisdom some other day in detail”.

( most of the above contents are from the book” the way to freedom”. This book was one of my first encounter with buddhist knowledge before actually learning buddhist philosophy here in IBD-dharamsala.)
( you can also see this topic in detail given lama sopa rinpoche.CLICK HERE)

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