Meditation on Love and Compassion are very powerful practices.Buddha defeated a gang of demons just before enlightenment, who tried to distract him from the path. But the moment he meditates on love and compassion, every bow and arrow, etc were turned into shower of flowers. It is said that meditation on love and compassion even for a moment far exceeds the merits accumulated through making infinite offerings to infinite buddhas.This is because the offering not motivated by bodhichitta are far more inferior than the offering made with the motivation of love, compassion and bodhichitta.Because bodhichitta means for the sake of all sentient i will take the responsibility on myself to free beings from ocean of samsara. Thats why its benefits are endless, just like the object of motivation are endless.
To practice this, first you think carefully how much you love your parents and relatives. When you get that feeling of closeness towards them. Then you have to shift this feeling upon neutral persons( persons whom you do not care, wheather they suffer or not.) and then towards your enemy or persons you hate.
How to shift this feeling upon 2nd and 3rd person?
Just like your parents and loved ones of this life, who willingly takes all the suffering and hardships upon themselves so that you cannot suffer and be safe and happy.Those 2nd and 3rd persons were also our parents sometime back in our past life, and during that time they also took care of us just like this life’s mother. How can you say that they were our parents in our past life’s? That’s because the samsara has no beginning and our past life’s are infinite and we cann’t say that this person has never been my mother in my past life.Which is also states clearly by His Holliness many times and i will not go very deep on it right now.
After practicing in this way everyday, the time will come when you feel love and compassionate towards all without separating he is my father and he is not without any difficulties and effort.This is real love and compassion.
Compassion:-There are two types of it. One is mere a wish that all sentient beings be free from all the sufferings and the second is that i will take the responsibility to free sentient beings from their sufferings.
If you didn’t meditate in this way and try to meditate on love and compassion for all beings, thinking all sentient beings, without first identifying them individually.Your ideas of all sentient beings will be very limited and vague, and your compassion will not be genuine how much you try. So first identify these three persons individually and meditate without thinking of the results, as it may cause some distractions in your practice.
So lets try and meditate………….

( If you think that some of the points needs to be cleared right now, just comment on it and i will work on it to my limit.)

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    It is nice to read a comment in tibetan also. Thanks for Hos-la Af-sayi ka.

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