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Mandala offering

December 22, 2009

Below are mainly taken from book “how to offer mandala” by Lama zopa rinpoche

The mandala offering is a very powerful method for accumulating extensive merit and quickly realizing bodhicitta and emptiness. Just as great strength is needed to carry a heavy load, a great amount of merit is needed to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment, complete freedom from suffering. There’s nothing that can be offered with your hands that is more meritorious than offering mandalas. You do not have to offer all your wealth right now while offering mandala, you just have to mentally give away all of your wealth which you are so much attach to. (more…)



December 20, 2009

(Note from Commentary on madhyamaka Avataranama or Uma jugpa in tibetan by Je-Tsonkhapa)Bodhisattvas who attained the 1st bhumi to the path of enlightenment are the master of the practice of perfection of giving compare to other 9 perfections. They are the bodhisattvas who directly realizes the emptiness during sadhana and once they are awake from their deep meditation to work for other’s sake, they still realizes the emptiness but not directly.During the first two paths to buddhahood before 1st bhumi(thong-lam) they realizes the emptiness but not directly. There (more…)