(Note from Commentary on madhyamaka Avataranama or Uma jugpa in tibetan by Je-Tsonkhapa)Bodhisattvas who attained the 1st bhumi to the path of enlightenment are the master of the practice of perfection of giving compare to other 9 perfections. They are the bodhisattvas who directly realizes the emptiness during sadhana and once they are awake from their deep meditation to work for other’s sake, they still realizes the emptiness but not directly.During the first two paths to buddhahood before 1st bhumi(thong-lam) they realizes the emptiness but not directly. There are some debates on wheather the bodhisattvas on the path of accumulation, very first path of bodhisattvas(tsog-lam) realizes the emptiness or not. But whatever is the debate you need to understand that there are both types of bodhisattvas who realizes it and not.But once they reached the stage of middle level of path of accumulation, they realizes the emptiness but not directly. When they realizes it directly they will became the bodhisattvas of 1st bhumi.
They not just give away their wealth but also their body parts or whole body with extreme joy uncomparable to any arahat of hearers and self liberators, when someone beg these for it. Also their motivation never changes and thus grows stronger.
Because they know it very well with deep understanding with experience that every sentient beings wants happiness and not want suffering. For some great extent the causes for the happiness in this realm are also the wealth, which is actually the results of the previously act of giving in previous lifetime or before today.That is also the reason why buddha taught the perfection of generosity first in 10 perfections.
Is the motivation important?It is not necessary that the person who is practicing giving should be of genuine motivation of qualities, though if the person has these will be very very much better. In order to get rid of one’s temporary problems , if a person with little compassion or no compassion at all, very rude and selfish person practices the giving, he will be also benefited by this. The result can be ripen in this life or next.
But if practiced with good motivation, one can taste the result for much longer period of time then the rude person, but will be less and uncomparable to the act of giving with the motivation of bodhichitta. Because with bodhichitta you will taste the fruit of giving for endless life until you reached the state of enlightenment.
Bodhisattvas after 8th bhumi (sa-getpa) will not suffer any pain when giving his body, like cutting his limb or hand. But before 7th bhumi they will feel pain but it will be for a short period of time as he/she will compare his suffering with numberless beings suffering.And even his motivation will became stronger.
So, if we are to practice giving then start it from simple things like offering water bowl or other to triple gem, basic necessities to poor people, etc. Giving of body and its parts are also very good but must remember that you should be confident that after giving you will not regret it. Because regret over good deeds will effect its result. If you can do anything of this right now as you are afraid of parting from your goods, then the best is to give it from your heart which means do not attach to it much. Think that if someone begs me for it, i will give it. whether you actually give it or not depends on your practice level. If you are not confident that you will give anything to anyone, then keep on giving mentally, the happy day will come for sure.

{This is a part of our lesson this year, and i will try to put more topics in future and if there is a questions then please write it in comment and i will try to answer, as i have got free time until Feb because we have a winter vacation right now.Thanks}

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