ABC of basic buddhist philosophy

Although one can write much better and in great detail on Buddhist philosophy, but i will not be able to to do so. Thats why i will write in short on main topic.

When you first study philosophy, you were taught from basic ways

Pervation and how to debate like wise. We studied on the text “duda” by master lodoe lak which is available in  Institute of buddhist dialectics, dharamsala,HP.

1.     khyap-tha(pervation)

three main types:-       a) mu-sum ( three ways of pervasion)

b)  mu-zhi (four ways of pervation                                                                                                 c)  don-chik ( same meaning)                                                                                                           d) ghyal-wa ( contradictory)

a)    what are the difference between tibetan and human being?

Answer:-    there are 3 differences in the sense of pervation, they are                  1)a subject which is both, and that is  prof.samdong rinpoche. he is both.

2)what pervades what? and that is human pervades tibetans , where as tibetan can’t pervade human beings. What is that? That is  chinese, because chinese are human but not tibetan.

3) subject which not both, and that is mount everest.

b)   What are the difference between wood and table?

Answer:-    there are four,


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