8 Reminders by MILAREPA

The Eight Reminders

Castles and crowded cities are the places where now you love to stay; but remember that they will fall in ruins after you have departed from this earth. Pride and vainglory are the lure which now you love to follow; but remember, when you are about to die they offer you no shelter and no refuge! Kinsmen and relatives are the people with whom now you love to live! but remember that you must leave them all behind when from this world you pass away! servants, wealth and children are things that you love to hold; but remember at the moment of your death your empty hands can take nothing with you! vigor and health are dearest to you now; but remember that at the moment of your death your corpse will be bundled up and borne away! now your organs are clear, your blood and fleshes are strong and vigorous; but remember at the moment of your death there will no longer be at your disposal! sweet and delicious foods are things that now you love to eat; but remember at the moment of your death your mouth will let the spittle flow! when of all this I think, I cannot help But seeks the Buddha’s teachings! The enjoyments and pleasures of this world, For me have no attraction. I, Milarepa, sing of the Eight Reminders, At the guesthouse of Garakhache of Tsang. With these clear words I give this helpful warning; I urge you to observe and practice them!


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