Milarepa to hunter: advice

Milarepa to the Hunter: Listen to me before you talk with your family.” And Milarepa sang:

Hearken hearken, huntsman! Though the thunder crashes, It is but empty sound; Though the rainbow is richly colored, It soon will fade away. The pleasures of this world are like dream visions; Though one enjoys them, they are the source of sin. Though all we see may seem to be eternal, It soon will fall to pieces and will disappear. Yesterday one had enough or more, Today it’s all gone and nothings left; Last year one was alive, this year one dies. Good food turns out to be poisonous, And the beloved companion turns into a foe. Harsh words and complaints requite Good will and gratitude. Your sins hurt no one but yourself. Among one hundred heads, you value most your own. In all ten figures, if one’s cut, you feel the pain. Among all things you value, yourself is valued most. The time has come for you to help yourself. Life flees fast. Soon death Will knock upon your door. It is foolish, therefore, one’s devotion to postpone. What else can loving kinsmen do But throw one into samsara? To strive for happiness here after Is more important than to seek it now. The time has come for you to rely on Guru, The time has come to practice Dharma.


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