The story of shindrmo and Lesebum:

The story of shindrmo and Lesebum:

“I hope to practice Dharma when death draws near” said Shindromo, “now please preach for me the suffering of death.” In answer Milarepa sang Listen, my disheartened patroness: Like the pain of repaying compound debts, One must undergo the suffering of death. Yama’s guards catch and carry one When the time of death arrives. The rich man cannot buy it off with money. With his sword hero cannot conquer it, Nor can the clever woman outwit it by a trick. Even the learned scholar cannot Postpone it with this eloquence. Here, no coward like a fox can sneak away; Here, the unlucky cannot make appeal, Nor can a brave man here display his valor. When all the nadhis converge in the body, One is crushed as if between two mountains- All vision and sensation becomes dim. When Bon priests and diviners become useless, The trusted physician yields to his despair. None can communicate with the dying man, Protecting guards and Devas vanish into naught. Though the breath has not completely stopped, One can all but smell the stale odor of dead flesh. Like a lump of coal in chilly ashes One approaches to the brink of death. When dying, some still count the dates and stars; Others cry and shot and groan; Some think of worldly goods; Some that their hard-earned wealth Will be enjoyed by others. However deep one’s love or great one’s sympathy, He can but depart and journey on alone. His good friends and consort Can only leave him there; In a hundle his beloved body Will be folded and carried off, Then thrown in water, burned in fire, Or simply cast off in a desolate land. Faithful patrons, what in the end can we retain? Must we sit idly by and let all things go? When your breath stops tomorrow No wealth on earth can help you. Why, then, should one be mean? Kind kinsmen circle around The bed of dying, But none can help him for a moment. Knowing that all must be left behind, One realizes that all must be left behind, One realizes that all great love And attachment must be futile. When that final moment comes, Only Holy Dharma helps. You should strive, dear patroness, For a deadliness to die! Be certain and ready; when the time Comes, you will have no fear and no regret.


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