Tips on Studying Tibetan Grammer

Tips on Studying Tibetan Grammer

Now a days everyone is saying, we have to study and keep alive our own culture and traditions. But there are few who really do it 100%. Why few? Because many of us didn’t exactly know how to. Although there are many ways in keeping one’s culture alive, here I will talk about language.

In Tibetan grammer, there are lots of rules to keep in mind. When we were children, we use to memorize the root text of Legshe-Jonwang. But never actually put it into practice often. So what we are lacking  behind is actually being practical.

I am not so good in Tibetan grammer, but I am better now.Why? Because here at IBD, I joined the journal for comparative knowledge or Lhaksam Tsekpa, as a member few years back and till now I wrote only 4essays, but I still see the difference. Which is what everyone need, a result. When my teacher and friend told me to think of the rules  (which particular word like  གྱི།  སུ།  ཏེ་དེ་སྟེ།  གྱིས། comes after specific last word of a verb)  while writing or reading, and to make it a habit. So as time passes, I can know unintensionally that some words are not written correctly thus I made correction, this way I improve. And I am sure if you  do the same you will be much better than me within few days.

After that your progress depend on you. Of course you have to know first which word comes after which and how do they work from a teacher or a guy who knows something. write more and read  more…..success  follows.

hope you are not bored after reading this note.

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