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My name is Tenzin Tsega, and i am presently studying at Institute of Buddhist Dialectic,Mcloed Ganj, Dharamsala. Before i came here i was in TCV laddakh till passing my class X and then i joined TCV Upper Dharamsala till passing my class XII. During all those years i had made so many friends who are very kind to me.Thankyou my dear friends.
In 2002, i joined this Institute to study buddhism. Why not in monastic university like sera, drepung and Gaden? Because at that time i was a lay person and this institute of His Holliness was a perfect for us, who were layperson and had interest in study of buddhist philosophy.At that time our class has all kinds of people.Then after a year, i became a monk, then later on a full monk from His Holliness.Till now we had studied prajnaparamita and now studying madhyamaka. Both these are the very essence of buddhism without it the buddhism can’t be understood clearly.
When i was in TCV and during His Holliness teaching we didn’t understand much, just some advice from him, but now i can understand a bit of what he teaches, thanks to our institute’s teachers. Though i am just an average student here, but i can clearly realize that there has been a great progress in my understanding.
Here we have some 15 lay person who are studying buddhism and many of them are previously passes there class XII, X and VI,etc.
Here we have extra classes on tibetan grammer, english and poetry.
This blog is specially for those who want to know something about basic practices of buddhism, though i didn’t know much but i will try my best to put more profound subjects and will try my best to answer your comments on any subjects regarding this, by any means like asking elder monks and discussing about what you think.
At last thank you for visiting my site.This is free website so there is no talk of any business benefit to me, i just want to help to someone. Have a nice day.


2 Comments on “ME”

  1. tsega Says:

    if in future you want to know some particular topic on buddhism, then put your wish in comment and i will try my best to help you, wheather by asking and discussing with others.

  2. lhakpa Says:

    Thank you very much for your initiative and please carry on in future. What i liked most is the notes of teachings from different books with your short explanations in between, which makes quite easy to understand what i have not when i read that book.Keep it up.

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